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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Just dive in will you!?!?!

Ok, this is me diving right in... in the blogging pool.
Do I know what I'm doing? No.
Why am I doing this? Good question!
Because I'm a kinesthetic learner. I learn by doing.
So I am 'doing', and hopefully the 'learning' will follow.
What will I blog about? Anybody's guess :D
Things that I'm interested in/passionate about/need to learn more about:
- EBP in speech and language pathology (particularly in the disability field)
- Current research in SLP practice in disability
- Plain English principles
- Adult learning
- Evaluating outcomes
- Supervision and mentoring
- Social Media for professional learning
- (blank space to add more to this list in the future)
So if you're interested in similar stuff then you might find this interesting.... we'll see eh?

(Phew! Post one done... I hope it wasn't a belly-flop!) oh did I say that out loud?

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